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As most women already know, losing weight is not the same for men and women. A recent study of more than 2,000 overweight adults from Europe, Australia and New Zealand revealed that, in eight weeks, men lost 18% more weight than women did and also showed greater improvements in other crucial areas, including a lower heart rate and less body fat, as well as a decreased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

So, why would a woman take the same weight-loss supplement as a man?

The answer is she shouldn’t. And that’s why the makers of Bang® energy drinks have devised Meltdown Princess specifically with women in mind. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, Meltdown Princess can support healthy body recomposition.

The ingredients in Meltdown Princess were carefully chosen to work in harmony with a woman’s body. Gone are the crazy stimulants that make you feel like your skin is on fire — replaced, instead, by ingredients like 6-paradol, which has been found to activate brown adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue is responsible for fat burning.

Meltdown Princess also contains caffeine to speed up your metabolism — we all know how that can slow to a crawl as we age — along with yohimbe for better blood flow and, according to some studies, increased fat-fighting potential.

So, ladies, if you’re looking for a weight-loss supplement that actually works, give Meltdown Princess a try today!


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