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Cellucor® C4® Ultimate – Strawberry Watermelon: A Pre-Workout Fueled by Clinically Studied ingredients

C4® Ultimate – Strawberry Watermelon is for those who are looking for next-level pre-workout powder fueled by clinically studied ingredients. C4® Ultimate brings you AlphaSize®, Zembrin®, Teacrine™ and caffeine for energy, enhanced cognitive performance; and citrulline malate and CarnoSyn Beta Alanine™ to help achieve the ultimate pump and increase carnosine levels.*

  • Features An Ultimate Energy and Focus Blend including 300mg of caffeine and TeaCrine®, which is an alkaloid structurally similar to caffeine that has been clinically studied
  • Contains Citrulline Malate, which may support nitric oxide production, and when paired with arginine, it supports the ultimate pump.
  • Supplies a full clinical dose of CarnoSyn® Beta-alanine to supporting increased carnosine levels, a key muscle function and performance factor.
  • Features AlpahaSize® A-GPC which contains choline, which supports memory function.

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