Why You NEED Amino Acids Explained in Under 5 minutes

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What are they? What do they do? Why do you need them?

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are left behind after your body digests protein. These are what your body uses to build muscle, repair tissue, and break down the food that you eat throughout the day. They also play multiple roles in the everyday function of your body. There are 20 total amino acids that your body uses. We split these 20 amino acids into three classes and refer to them as non-essential, essential, and conditionally essential amino acids.

What are non-essential amino acids?

Non-essential amino acids are the ones that our bodies produce on their own. These are usually synthesized from glucose.

See the table below for a list of these.

What are the non essential amino acids?

What are Essential Amino Acids?

Essential amino acids are amino acids that we can’t product on our own and must obtain through diet.

Our bodies also doesn’t store these for later use, which means that it is vital to be consuming enough of them everyday through diet. The lack of even just one of these essential amino acids can lead to wasting of the body’s proteins. I.e. muscle wasting.

See the complete list of Essential Amino Acids Below:

What are conditional amino acids?

Conditional Amino Acids are not as widely talked about but important to know. There are six amino acids that are considered conditional. These are all technically “non-essential” amino acids. However, there are certain conditions that cause the body to require more of these amino acids than it is able to produce in a given time period on its own. These deficiencies are usually due to illness or stress that has been put on your body. In this case, these are considered “conditionally essential” and need to be supplemented as well.

See slide below for the complete list.

What are the conditional amino acids?

Each of these amino acids play a vital role in the everyday function of the body. Check out just a few of them in the table below!

All of the amino acids that I have listed in the table above are essential amino acids. These are the ones that your body doesn't produce on its own.

Your body relies solely on diet and supplementation for these amino acids in order to function.

As you can see, they are absolutely essential beyond just muscle repair - this is why an EAA product is so valuable to people of all ages and all lifestyles.

As with many nutrients, the majority of people are not consuming enough through diet alone. This is especially true if you are dieting to lose weight and are currently in a calorie deficit.

Because of this, we always recommend an EAA supplement and are happy to offer multiple brands, flavors, and sizes of these to accommodate every person’s individual needs and preferences.

I will link my personal favorites a flavors below for anybody that is interested!

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Blackmarket X Guerrilla Base Amino Acid in flavor "Watermelon"

(I recently wrote a review on this product that you can read here if you are interested!)

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