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Blackmarket’s “Guerrilla” line is aimed directly at recovery. Currently, they offer two different amino acid products in this line - their first product, “BASE” is the one that we are looking at today. Let's get into it...


Let's start with price - BASE runs $29.99 per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 servings so you’re looking at $1/serving, which seems to be the standard across the board for this kind of product.


BASE has a very sleek matte white camo label. The container is similar to most of Blackmarket’s pre-workouts measuring 4 in. tall and roughly 4 in. wide, making this an easy addition to your gym bag. The scoop is just under 9 grams, making it a fairly small serving size. (A major plus if you mix it with other products!)


If you have ever used EAA (Essential Amino Acid) products before, you know that many of them don’t mix as well as most BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) products do. Oftentimes there is powder that settles either on the top or on the bottom of your bottle.

I usually mix my powdered supplements in a throw away water bottle - so that is how I mixed BASE today too. Initially I thought that this product was going to have issues with settling immediately after setting my shaken water bottle down, BUT after letting it sit for about 5 minutes the powder had dissolved by itself entirely. A HUGE plus in my eyes. I’ll attach photos of my bottle below for anybody who is interested in the settling (or lack thereof) -


Guerrilla currently offers BASE in 3 flavors - Blue Razz, Strawberry Lemonade, and Watermelon. These flavors are commonly used across product in the Blackmarket line. If you want a more in depth breakdown of each flavor, check out my Blackmarket CUTS vs TONE review.

If you have used EAA products in the past, then you are most likely familiar with the after taste of the EAA’s that is just impossible to hide. Some people don’t mind this aftertaste, and I have to say, even as a HUGE flavor person, this taste doesn't bother me. If you haven’t used any EAA products before, the best comparison that I can make is to the aftertaste of yogurt. (And even that is hard to compare) It is a very unique aftertaste that comes from the essential amino acids. I have yet to try an EAA product that doesn’t present it - and I have tried them all…

Overall, BASE has really good flavor - I knocked two points off for the aftertaste but in all fairness, this is not something that they could take away or cover up - just something for you all to be aware of!


Where BASE really shines is in their formula. They advertise it as having “an equivalent amount of BCAA’s to 18g of protein.” In addition to their BCAA’s, BASE also contains UltrAmino™.

“UltrAmino™ is a balanced blend of 9 essential amino acids that is designed to maximize muscle protein synthesis and increase lean muscle mass.” (BLACKMARKET LABS)

BASE also contains an electrolyte blend to help your body regulate electrolytes lost during exercise as well as increase hydration.

Lastly, BASE utilized AstraGin®.

Here are just a few claims about AstraGin® made by NuLivScience:

AstraGin® increases the absorption and bioavailability of amino acids and peptides in the bloodstream

AstraGin® increases protein synthesis in muscle

AstraGin® promotes glucose metabolism and mitochondrial functions

AstraGin® regulates appetite

As you can see, this product is packed full of high quality muscle recovery ingredients to aid in overall performance.

Have you tried BASE yet? What are some of your favorite BCAA/EAA products?

Let us know!

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